About Phoenix Festivals

(Phoenix, Arizona, AZ, USA)

Phoenix features a surprising selection of festivals, which often reflect the seasonal weather, including rodeos, food and drink festivals, markets and art exhibitions.

Popular festivals in Phoenix include the following events.

Annual Phoenix Festivals

  • February: Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, with more than 2,000 Arabian horses, together with a range of equestrian events and sideshows
  • March: Rodeo of Rodeos, taking place in the middle of the month each year, at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum
  • March: Scottsdale Arts Festival, an enormous event, with exhibitions, live music, street entertainment and stalls
  • April: Great Arizona Annual Beer Festival, held at the beginning of the month, in the Arizona Center, featuring a range of both local and international beers for all tastes
  • September: National Public Lands Day Outdoor Recreation Fair, featuring a range of activities and public hiking events around the Phoenix area
  • October: Way Out West Oktoberfest, popular German-based event, with a country and western theme and plenty to both eat and drink
  • November: ArtFest of Scottsdale, one of the region's most notable art festivals, also known for its live music and entertainment
  • November: Thieves Market, taking place at the beginning of the month, with a large selection of music, dancing, art exhibitions, stalls and food

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