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Phoenix International Airport (PHX) - Guide to Phoenix (PHX) Airport

Phoenix has good road links to other US cities; I-17 takes you north towards Flagstaff and I-10 runs both east and west of the city. Travel around the city is most convenient by car and hiring one is relatively cheap here.

Buses in Phoenix are mainly used for commuting into the city, but the DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle) is worth using as it is free and connects to several tourist spots in the downtown area. FLASH (Free Local Area Shuttle) is useful for travel around the university area. There are no train services to Phoenix; the closest track ends at Flagstaff.

Sky Harbor International Airport is the easiest way in or out of Phoenix. This busy airport is located close to downtown Phoenix. A free shuttle service runs 24 hours a day to transfer airport passengers to hotels in the city. Other options for transfer are taxis and rental cars.

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